Kettlebell Beginner Basics

A great video that demonstrates kettlebell basics. really good for this beginning to do exercise training with kettlebells.

Starting with he basic exercise for kettlebells, the Kettlebell Swing.

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Kettlebells and Wedding

Welcome to my blog all about kettlebells in the Sydney area. I love doing kettlebells and I can basically thank the use of kettlebells exclusively for how great I looked on my wedding day.

Working out with kettlebells really helped me gain the body shape I want for my wedding.

I basically trained at home using videos from youtube and other website for descriptions and ideas as to how to use the kettlebells and created my own routine from there. You do have to be careful if you are training on your own to make sure that your technique is good so that you don’t injure yourself. Train in front of a mirror and get someone else to have a look at your form.

I think kettlebells are the fastest form of weight loss possible, it is such a dynamic exercise it really will work out basically every muscle in your body while also giving you are good cardio workout.

I am not an expert here, just a person whose life has been changed by the use of kettlebells, forget the gym, use the kettlebells for a few minutes daily and you will be on your way to an awesome body in no time.

I got my kettlebells from this little online store that has the best and cheapest prices for kettlebells: buy kettlebells.

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